Press & Awards

Our manuscript on polymer recycling via heterogeneous catalysis featured as the cover of Journal of Physical Chemistry A in May 2022.
Prof. Starr elected a member of the Connecticut Academy of Science & Engineering.
Prof. Starr elected a fellow of the American Physical Society.
Our diamond super-lattice paper highlighted in Science Perspective article and
Prof. Starr named a National Academies Education Fellow in the Sciences for 2015-2016.
Our Soft Matter article on a “Crystal Clear” liquid-liquid transition named a Hot Article for November 2014.
Paul Hanakata named a finalist for the 2014 LeRoy Apker Award for the most outstanding undergraduate research at any US institution.
Beatrice Pazmiño awarded an nVidia Tesla K20 GPU for her presentation at the GPU Programming for Molecular Modeling Workshop. August 2013.
Fernando Vargas-Lara awarded for his research on DNA-linked nanoparticles by Soft Matter, presented at the Boulder School on Polymers in Soft and Biological Matter. July 2012.
Mobile particle strings Press reports from MRS News, redOrbit, ThomasNet, Medill Reports, and AZ nano feature our 2011 article Modifying Fragility and Collective Motion in Polymer Melts with Nanoparticles from Physical Review Letters
hsu10 Chia Wei (Wade) Hsu awarded the 2010 LeRoy Apker Award for the most outstanding undergraduate research at any US institution.
Cover of Polymer Polymer cover, volume 51, issue 15 (July 2010) featuring our article Current issues in research on structure-property relationships in polymer nanocomposites
Cover of Macromolecules Macromolecules cover, volume 43, issue 7 (April 2010) featuring our article Morphology and Transport Properties of Two-Dimensional Sheet Polymers
Image featured in in “Water Molecules, Unite!”, Physical Review Focus 19, story 19 (June 2007).
Cover of the book Soft Materials: Structure and Dynamics featuring our chapter Science and Engineering of Nanoparticle-Polymer Composites: Insights from Computer Simulation
Image featured in in “Supercooled and Glassy Water”, Physics Today (2003).
Image featured in Nature News and Views, “Water structure: Order and oddities” (2001).
Cover of MRS Bulletin MRS Bulletin cover, volume 24, Issue 5 (May 1999) featuring our simulation image